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Two days with on and off the court tests, including statistics by playing a set with a player of a similar level. Check of playing skills and learning abilities. Evaluation through data and video about Impact Accuracy, Efficiency, and Effectiveness.


1. The first step of an overview of the overall consistency between all the aspects of the performance: physical, tactical, technical, mental, and environmental. 

2. Q&A sessions will take place, one before and the other at the end of the on-court activities.

3. Biomechanics evaluation in a nearby specialised center: BIOMOOVE, by dr. Mauro Testa. The aim of this kind of evaluation is to understand if the body is working properly and if there is any risk of injury due to an unbalanced body structure. It goes together with eventual relevant advises about how to improve the situation.  


The performance is the outcome of what we believe, we work for and express through the help of a team that goes from the family to all the members involved In the activity (staff), without forgetting any other potential influencing person or factor.”

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