Once the Impact Accuracy has reached a satisfactory level, then it's time to focus more on Ball Control, essential step towards the EFFECTIVENESS.

This ability is valid for all levels, of course with a progressive degree of performance.

The following test is targeted in particular for competitive players, 9 years old and older.



A concrete way to identify levels in tennis could be the following, a player:

  1. Almost unable to rally, mostly makes errors.

  2. Able to play only relatively short rallies at low speed, mostly makes errors.

  3. Able to play short rallies, long only getting easy balls at low speed. Most of the errors happens when the speed increases or the incoming balls are more difficult.

  4. Able to rally quite consistently at different speed, most of the errors are still unforced, only few winners.

  5. Able to rally quite consistently at different speed, mix of winners and unforced errors.

  6. Able to rally consistently at different speed, more winners than unforced errors.

More important than the first score/s, it is the ability, through an appropriate training, to improve hit.

We suggest you track it at regular intervals, at least 3 times a year, until you reach your highest standard. 

Of course this is only another step in order to understand and develop what it is needed to achieve your goals.

The key is the ability to progress adding some new skills and fine tuning others.

Besides IMPACT ACCURACY and BALL CONTROL there are, of course, other factors, essential for a proper development of your overall abilities and level.

PHYSICAL SKILLS, MENTAL STRENGTH and all other EXTERNAL INFLUENCING ASPECTS are for sure as important, particularly according to our holistic approach.

Let's at the moment insist on the EFFECTIVENESS, ability which, as just mentioned, involves all the others.

EFFECTIVENESS can be measured throughout: 

  • Play tests

  • Match's statistics

  • Results along the path

Downloading this test you can go through one of the possible first steps of understanding and measuring your ability to CONTROL YOUR SHOTS, so the BALL. 

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