It is very important for a player, a parent and a coach to understand why, how and what to work on.

From data, as well as from a guided observation, it is possible to get a concrete picture of the situation in a given moment and have the basic information to decide the steps to take towards a high performance path, taking into account individual needs and the personal situation.

Basically to play tennis consists in the following:

  1. Know and understand the aim of the game.

  2. Hit the ball consistently around the middle of the stringing bed.

  3. Strike the ball aiming over the net and make it land in the appropriate area of the court.

  4. Do it in a way that requires the minimum effort, producing the maximum result, for every given shot. 

  5. Put the opponent in trouble or get out of it, when defending.

Aiming for a High Performance path, according to results, will and family goals, it is important to know what it is needed, analyse your own situation in reference to different aspects (logistics, finance, team, environment, etc.) and set up, with the help of a specialist, an individualised project.



Besides understanding the game, the first skill needed for a player (no matter what the age) is the ability to hit, consistently, the ball in the sweet spot.

It is mainly about coordination between what we see in a given play situation (visual perception of the reality) and what we do (action as a response to such a situation).

The sweet spot is the part of the stringing bed which allows a fair control of the strokes.

It is evident that impact out of this area does not allow any kind of consistency nor accuracy.

In order to find out your level in such ability it is recommended you perform the relevant test and check your score.

More important than the first score/s, it is the ability, through an appropriate training, to improve hit.

We suggest you track it at regular intervals, at least 3 times a year, until you reach your highest standard. 

Of course this is only the first step in order to understand and develop what it is needed to achieve your goals.

Even the longest trip starts win one step, we wish you to follow the right direction and enjoy your path.

There are of course other aspects to consider and evaluate. 

Data does not tell us everything but can guide us in a specific way. It can be a mirror of a situation at a given time. 

Also results can be data that we can interpret. They are important particularly for two aspects, first of all as fuel for motivation, second to test the evolution, the time passing by. 

A challenge can be, once knowing the situation, to decide what are the priorities, what to work on and how to do it, always having in mind WHY we choose one instead of another. 

The advice of experts are always useful, for a player, for a parent and for a coach: 

- they can help to choose correctly 

- they can help to better understand the reason of a choice; 

- they can help to understand someone else´s choice on our behalf;

- they can help to see the "big picture";

- they can clarify the path for each individual.

- they can provide an external vision.

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